Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random observations:

Matamata is probably the most un-touristy tourist attraction on Earth. Aside from the film set itself and the 'Welcome to Hobbiton' sign, there's not much here that caters to tourists. Which made it a wonderful place to spend the 'decompressing' portion of my vacation. Everyone I told was surprised I was spending four days here - 'are you getting a job?' Steve, the tour bus driver asked me. Most tourists come, see Hobbiton, and leave. Which is why the town is still just a nice small town.

Things you can by in New Zealand groceries:

Large ketchup-bottle sized bottles of mint sauce;
Coffee and milk in a squeeze tube (just add water!);
'Tasty' cheddar cheese (AKA 'sharp' cheddar. Well, it is pretty tasty!

There's a bakery on every block, both sides of the street. I am addicted to meat pies now. They're nothing like our American pot pies - the sauce is thick, the fillings are scrumptious, and the crust is like pastry. I'm going to be sad not to have any more when I leave.

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